This database and web application were created by Ben Elsworth.

The tool aims to visualise and explore publication data, both at an organisational and individual level. This has been achieved by looking at the publication links between people and also the enriched concepts within the publication text. To achieve this each title and abstract were analysed for enriched unigrams, bigrams and trigrams.


  • Search any concept and find people and publications
    • Using the enrichment of unigrams, bigrams and trigrams, each person and organisation has a set of concepts that represent their research output.
  • Interactive overviews of the University, each organisation and person
    • Quicly identify areas of high interdisciplinarity
    • Available for each year (2008-2014)
  • A recommendation engine for each person
    • Uses euclidean distance and ranking of concept enrichments
    • Displays who you have concepts in similar with but have not yet published with.
  • Summarise the unique concepts for any person or organisation
    • Newtork of org/person concepts
    • Word cloud of enriched concepts